I love how some people have turned this into and Android vs iPhone war, and some people have turned this into Apple trying to tell you how to use your phone. You sir, are one of the only people in this comments section, that is actually making sense. Congratulations, and keep up the good work! » 10/10/14 11:37pm 10/10/14 11:37pm

Honestly what's the point of this. Do they have that much time on their hands, that they go and attack servers, in an attempt to prevent people from playing a game? And then they go and gloat about it afterwords. I'd like to congratulate them for doing whatever it is they set out to do, and wasting a portion of their… » 9/29/14 12:36am 9/29/14 12:36am

I was really disappointed when I found out there was no split screen multiplayer. My brother and I have been playing split screen for years, it's odd now to play a multiplayer game where we have to take turns... Similar thing happened in Call of Duty. I used to play 4 player split screen with friends, now we can only… » 9/15/14 1:49pm 9/15/14 1:49pm

This could be unrelated, but I tried the Quick Charge feature for the first time today, and after that my iPhone completely stopped working. Couldn't turn it on, it wouldn't even charge... If anyone has that problem, just hold the power button and home button at the same time for 10 seconds, fixed it for me. » 8/31/14 8:14pm 8/31/14 8:14pm